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Anthony Charles Petruzzo Born November 30, 2000
Son of Ralph and Candy (Lain) Petruzzo

Joshua Taylor Lain
Born June 18, 2001
Son of James and Mary Lain

Editors Note:- We strongly suspect there have been other births in the family since the last newsletter. We just don't know about them. If you would like any birth information published, please send it to us. We're also willing to include (almost) any pictures you send.

Rambling Lain

August 2001 (Vol.4 Issue1)


A Message from the Association President

Dear Lain Family Association Members and all Descendants of William and Keziah Lain,

Greetings to all from you new Association Chairman or President. I hope I can do as well as my predecessor, Horton Lain, in keeping our family ties strong and meaningful.

I am writing this on July 4, our nation's birthday, a day to celebrate our country's independence and freedom. We have so much to be thankful for in this great nation of ours. Many of those early settlers were willing to risk everything they had to gain the freedom and independence we are enjoying today. Our ancestor, William Lain, was one of these brave men who served in the Revolutionary War for the benefit of his family and this great country . We should all be proud of what he and the early colonists did to gain our freedom. Let us never forget the members of our Armed Forces that have been willing to serve this nation of ours to protect and insure those freedoms for us in the past and today. We salute all members of our family that are presently and have in the past served our nation.

Membership in our Family Association is key to the strength and future of any strong association or organization. We have much to be proud of as a family. Our family roots and ties have always been strong and binding. We need to do more than just get together every five years for the big reunion. The "Ramblin' Lain" newsletter helps but this can't be a success unless we all funnel family news to Raymond and Carol Bulaga, the editors. This is one link in our family ties, but its effectiveness and strength is up to us. I strongly encourage the mini or area family reunions or get togethers every summer. Examples are the Lain Brothers in August and the Annual Lain Picnic being held in Canisteo, NY. Family ties are important and the strength and love of those begin with each and everyone of us.

If there is any viable reason for not joining our family association, I would like to hear it. If not, I would very much appreciate your check to help support this fine family association. In our next newsletter, I will have an update on the future plans for your family association as well as some of the committee doings.

I love our family. I am proud of our heritage. Let us all work together to build on this fine heritage and join me as a member of our Lain Family Association.


Charles Lain


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Editors Note:- We apologize for the "untimeliness" of some of these letters. A few of them were submitted at the 2000 family reunion but didn't make it in the last issue because of space limitations. Please be assured that we really want to hear from everyone and will make every effort to publish all family news and notes.

Greetings from the Lines/Rudy family.

It was so good to see so many relatives at the Lain Reunion and catch up on all the news, etc. It is the one time every five years that the Lines and Rudy families get together. Richard tries to get home at least once a year to visit Mother. She will be 85 in April.

My son, Daryl and wife Danielle have a new baby daughter, Drianna Burke, born on February 19, 2001. I am a grandmother for the first time. Is that supposed to make me feel old??

Anna (Lines) Jones and family have moved back to the states after a four year stint in England where Scott was stationed with the Air Force. Anna and daughter Allison are currently living in Alabama. Scott has been sent to Korea for a year. Anna and Allison were not allowed to accompany him. He will come home in six months for Rest and Recreation and then return for another six months.

It has been a long, cold winter in Warwick. I am sure everyone is anxious for spring. The boys are already talking about spring planting. I sure hope the Lord sees fit to give us a normal spring and summer and a good supply of crops for all farmers.

Until next time, we wish everyone good health and happiness.

-- Nancy Rudy

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Greetings from and Lester Lain Family.

Lester and Alice Lain enjoyed a trip to Greece last fall and a trip to the islands earlier this spring. Now that spring is here in earnest, Lester is found gardening most days.

Tom and Sally (Lain) Roe and Thomas are still in Troy, Pennsylvania. Tom continues with the sale of dairy equipment and barns. Sally teaches Thomas, volunteers, and gardens. Thomas enjoys Legos, coin collecting and friends. Especially, he hopes school will be over soon.

Lewis and Jean Lain of Westtown continue a busy life. Lewis continues as Supervisor of the Town of Minisink as well as running Lain's Auto Parts. He has had some back problems but it is not keeping him from the work he loves--gardening. Jean is graduating from New Paltz this month - with a graduate degree. Her children, Ian and Sonia are graduating from Minisink Valley High School in June. Her son, Eric, is finishing his sophomore year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Carol (Lain) and Raymond Bulaga are enjoying life in the Green Mountain State. Carol has recently finished up surgery and rehabilitation on her ankle. Years of abuse to her ankle had left tendons torn and several bone chips floating around, leaving her susceptible to sprains. She is now up and around and able to continue her volunteer work at Richmond Elementary School and The Richmond Historical Society. Sara finished up her middle school years. Uncle Jack was able to see her graduate along with her mom, dad and brother Jacob. The school did a wonderful job celebrating the students in her class. Jacob finished up third grade. Along with baseball, this spring he competed in Destination Imagination. His team came in fourth in the state. We were all very impressed with the program.

Jim and Mary Lain are in Westtown enjoying their new baby, Joshua Taylor Lain, born on June 18. Mary's sons, Brett and Brandon, are finishing out their school year at Minisink, looking forward to summer, and looking forward spending time with their new brother.

Jack Lain is happy out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His school year is over. He and a friend just bought a house there. He was back for two weeks in June for the graduations of nieces and a nephew. It is always good to have Uncle Jack back here.

Ellen Lain is winding up this year of teaching at Minisink Valley. Her high school volleyball team did very well, coming in second in the state, quite an accomplishment. After taking a club team out to Utah for a competition, she will vacation with the Bulaga's in Nova Scotia for a week.

-- Sally Roe

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Greetings from the Parry Family.

We're here at the 2000 Reunion. What a glorious time being with hundreds of good people with good values. Thanks to all my cousins that have made the past three days great ones for my family. Just to keep you up with the rest of the children that have attended in the past. Craig Parry, 25, has returned from a mission in Samara and Russia for the LDS church. He has married, has two daughters and this May graduated from the University of Arizona receiving a BA in fish and wildlife. Leah, 23, has gotten married, a week after Craig, and has just delivered her second daughter, Abigail, July 13, 2000. (I coached her through the natural birth!) Rachel has graduated from Snowflake High School as salutatorian, is a junior at BYU, Provo and is currently serving an 18 month mission for the LDS church in San Pablo, Philippines. Miah, who is attending the reunion and singing in the choir, just graduated form Snowflake High with a 2 year scholarship form the area junior college. The old folks stay busy keeping up with all of them plus the other five that have never attended the reunion. As soon as we get home we'll celebrate Miah's 18th birthday as he begins school again! We're so grateful for those that have been so friendly and caring - especially Chip, Phyllis & Art. Cousins, we love you and can hardly wait to get together in five years. If any of you get a chance to come to Snowflake, give us a call, stop for a bed and directions. 520-536-4088

-- Barbara, Doug & Miah Parry

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Greetings from the Ham Family.

Mary Curns of Elmira is leaving her job of 20 years with the Elmira School District to go into a new field of work. She will be attending Episcopal Seminary next fall for 3 years to become an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church. She will still have 2 children in College, so this is a big endeavor for her. She will be ready to give the sermon at the next reunion in 2005!!! I hope all will support her in their prayers.

David Ham and family, son of Clairmont & Gretchen Ham, moved to Yorktown, Va. in July. He is now the Commander of the 12th Airlift Flight, Langley AFB, VA. This is a Squadron of C-21 Jets that is a worldwide deployable unit that maintains a flying schedule nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in almost any weather condition. Transportation for dignitaries is provided not only in the US but to the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America and Canada. David and Tonia have 2 children, Brian and Victoria.

This is mostly family news. I wish others would call or drop me a line with their family news.

-- Gretchen Ham

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Dorothy M. Lain of Briny Breezes, Fla. and Wilmington, Del., a homemaker and retired teacher, died Thursday, March 9, 2001, in Harbor Heath Care, Lewes, Del. She was 93.

The daughter of the late Wayne and Ruth Case MacLaury, she was born in Ansonia, Conn. She was the widow of Richard A. Lain, who died in 1985. Mrs. lain was a teacher for the Prince Georges County School Board; a member of the Beckwith United Methodist Church, Cambridge, Md.; and a former Girl Scout leader. She also enjoyed gardening and crafts. Survivors include one son, Horton Lain of Ocean Pines, Md.; one daughter, Phyllis Lain Seibel of Wilmington, Del.; five grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.

Sarah Jean Lain of Fort Bragg, Cal. died on Monday, April 23, 2001. Born on Jan. 26, 1923 in Pine Castle, Fla., she was 78 years old. She was a resident of the Fort Bragg area for the last 13 years.

Mrs. Lain was the widow of Richard V. Lain, who died on October 1, 2000. She is survived by her four children, Mary Lou Lain of Kauai, Hawaii, Richard Lain of Honomu, Hawaii, Kathy Kimble of Mt. Pleasant, Tex., and John Lain of Branchville, NJ. She is also survived by four grandchildren, two daughters-in-law, Diane Lain and Nancy Martin-Lain and her son-in-law, Dr. Marc Kimball. She also leave behind her great aunt Laura Brant of Mansfield, Ohio and various nieces and nephews.

Jean, as her friends called her, dedicated her life to The Lord, her family and her church. Upon retiring to Fort Bragg, one of her greatest joys was to walk each morning along the ocean near her home. The Lord's wonderful glory and beautiful creations were a constant joy to her. Through her strong fellowship she touched many lives with her God-given gifts of kindness and love.

Edna D. Raymond of Johnson, the town historian and deputy town clerk for the Town of Minisink died Monday, March 12, 2001, in Horton Medical Center, Middletown. She was 65

The daughter of the late Harold and Ruth Howell Decker, she was born June 29, 1935, In Middletown.

In recent years, Edna volunteered countless hours researching the Lain Family Genealogy. Her efforts led to a number of previously undiscovered branches being added to the family tree.

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You may have noticed the four digit number in the upper right of your mailing label. This number represents the year through which our (i.e. the editors) records show your membership as being paid through. If you see the number 1900, or don't see any number, it means we don't have a record of your association membership status. The president has directed us to send this issue of the newsletter to everyone in our data base, even those who haven't paid dues for this year. It's possible future issues of Rambling Lain will only be sent to those who have kept their memberships active. Please consider keeping your membership up to date so you can stay connected with the rest of the William Lain family.

We're always happy to get information and articles for the newsletter . You can contact us by phone, email, or "snail mail". Here are our addresses:

Ray & Carol Bulaga
861 Cochran Rd
Richmond, VT 05477

We'll take whatever format you can provide, but electronically formatted (email) input is usually easiest for us to work with. We hope to publish one more newsletter before year end, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving. In order to give us time to put the newsletter together, please submit all information, reports, and articles no later than November 1. -- Thank you!

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Horton Lain has been doing a noteworthy job keeping the genealogy committee work moving forward. He has been publishing regular newsletters to communicate with all committee members. The committee includes representatives from each of the six active branches of William Lain and Keziah Mather descendants. These representatives are shown in the (somewhat poorly presented) table shown here.

There's plenty of genealogy work to do, so consider contacting one of these people if you want to help and you can read the table. If you can't read the table, complain to the editors and they'll create one in a more readable format.

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Supporting the William Lain Family Association though membership isn't quite as easy as falling off a log. But it isn't really much harder, either. All you need to do is send a membership form to the treasurer, along with your membership dues of $10/year.

The association membership form is a fancy sounding thing, but the actual format of the application isn't really that important.

The important thing is the information you submit. Your membership information will go into the

association data base and help make sure you stay connected with association happenings.

The sample membership form is below and shows the information you should submit. Please mail your application, along with $10 for each year you want to join for, to the association treasurer:

Terry Sheffield
981 Tabor Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Please make checks payable to William Lain Family Association

2001 Lain Family Association
Membership Application Applicant Information:
Family members included in application: (please give names and relationships)

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A heritage that will endure

Deadline for contributions to the next issue of the Rambling Lain: November 1, 2001

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